Becoming Apostles

We know that our gathering together for worship matters most when we serve God outside of the walls of our church building. Jesus sent his apostles out two by two, and it’s our hope that we can be strength and support for one another – with God’s help – sent out into the world seeking God’s presence. It’s likely that you have a way of serving God that is unique to you. Here’s a look at some of the ways we serve, together, at St. Alban’s.

Our Knitting Group meets on Saturdays throughout the year. Primarily, we’re building community together and catching up on our lives; but, this group also knits prayer shawls that are passed along to neighbors and friends that need a tangible reminder of God’s grace and our prayers. Check out our EVENTS page for detailed information on when they meet.

St. Alban’s Altar Guild will tell you they don’t do very much, but it is indeed the hard work of this group that ensures our liturgy happens smoothly. There’s no question that, while this crew works “behind the scenes”, their work is vital to our worshipping life.
Contact (email)  Sharon Braden

St. Alban’s Flower Guild helps us bring all of our senses into our worship experience through the sight and smell of flowers. Yet another way to remind us of God’s beauty! You’ll also want to reach out to our Flower Guild if you have questions about memorial donations & arrangements; funeral arrangements; weddings; or anything else floral-related.
Contact (email)  Betty Maniatty

Our Property Commission keep this place humming along. In addition to our church building, which houses Church offices and The Children’s Center preschool, St. Alban’s also keeps a Rectory, which this crew keeps in tip-top shape. All the handiest parishioners and neighbors can be a great asset to this crew!
Contact (email)  Bob Moody

Stewardship Commission – Thinks and plans strategically about our collective response to God’s many gifts.
Contact (email)  Nick Mason                Activities Report 2014

Worship Assistants —  Worship assistants help with all aspects of our services, serving as acolytes, readers, prayer leaders or distributors of communion.
Contact (email)  Diane Mather            Activities Report 2014