Who we are


Almost every Sunday, we say this together as part of our worship:

Lord Jesus Christ, give us the grace, the desire and the will to join you in your mission.
May we celebrate your goodness, inspire others through acts of caring and kindness, and serve any who are in need.

It serves as a much-needed reminder of our call to, first, join the mission of Jesus – that’s what we’re fundamentally about. And, then, to pray through the concrete manifestations of that: celebrating, inspiring & serving. It’s our sincere hope and joyful prayer that our gathering together for worship and fellowship fills us with the strength and inspiration we need to move into God’s world as apostles of Jesus; and we hope you’ll join us for that journey.

We invite you to join us for Holy Communion, which is celebrated on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. Almost every Sunday, our choir sings. They are devoted bunch that gather for rehearsal and bring their gifts to bear on our Sunday morning worship. Most Sundays, we offer formation especially designed for younger worshippers. We all sing together (some of us stumble gracefully, and that’s just fine); we all witness the Holy Spirit’s work through the celebration of Holy Eucharist; and we all seek ways to love and serve the Lord.

There are other ways to “stick your toes in the water” at St. Alban’s if you’re not sure how Sunday morning fits, for you. But, we’ll indeed do our best to welcome you warmly whenever you come by.

Stop by to say hello and pray together – you’ll be glad you did.